Frustrated victim turns to advanced technology after panty thief strikes again

A panty thief in Moiliili strikes again, and this time the suspect was almost caught in the act.

The thefts have been happening since October at an apartment building in the University area.

The couple living there stepped up their efforts to help police catch the thief, but he still came back.

The thief was caught on camera, but he still got away, so the woman decided to use advanced technology to track the thief down herself.

She believes she’s getting closer.

Once again, clothespins are all that’s left hanging on the line outside the woman’s apartment.

She didn’t want to be identified but told KHON2 she’s lost count of how many pairs of underwear have gone missing.

“I would venture out to say 80,” the woman said.

It started back in October and cameras soon caught the panty prowler in the act.

The thefts stopped for a short while, but two weeks ago, they started again.

The couple moved the camera closer and turned to technology.

“It’s a little Bluetooth GPS that you can set on keys or to your wallet just in case you lose them, so I kind of had the far-fetched idea to just put it in the underwear, and maybe we could track it,” the woman said.

Sure enough, a suspect showed up again early Monday morning.

“This time there was a break in the pattern and he came at around 5 o’clock,” she said.

The couple drove around and saw a man on a bicycle who appeared to match the suspect from the video, but he got away before police could get there.

Whoever is stealing the underwear is only targeting this one unit in the complex. The woman believes it’s the same person each time.

We asked the woman if she knows who the suspect is.

“Not at all. I don’t know if this person knows me. That’s the scary part of it,” she replied.

The woman has reported the thefts to police, but she says HPD told her there wasn’t much they could do besides have officers increase patrols in the area.

She said she did get a clearer picture of the thief Monday morning and handed it over to police.

We’ll let you know if they make an arrest.

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