These Amazing Jane Goodall Quotes Will Inspire You to Fight For Animals and Nature

At the age of 26, Jane Goodall left England, with little more than a notebook and binoculars, and set off to pursue her dream of living with wild chimpanzees in Africa. From this one courageous step, Dr. Jane Goodall made giant leaps to become the iconic conservationist she is today.

We have Jane Goodall to thank for our modern understanding of primate behavior and for completely changing our global perspective about how humans relate to animals. Her endless compassion for animals, humans, and the natural world that unites us all has inspired millions of people across the world to stand up and make a difference. Whether that difference comes in the form of standing up for abused animals, planting a tree to help regrow a forest or simply speaking to others about the importance of respecting all living things, innumerable actions have been spawned by Goodall’s influence. There is no debating the fact that Dr. Jane Goodall has changed the world for the better.

In great thanks for all Dr. Goodall’s marvelous work, we would like to wish her a very Happy 82nd Birthday! A Green Monster through and through, Goodall remains a constant beacon of hope and reminder that we all have the power to make a difference. The only question is what difference will you make?

So, if you’re in a little need of Green Monster inspiration, look no further than the timeless wisdom of Dr. Jane Goodall herself:

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