Chicago Has 600th Case Of Year As City Proves Why Strict Gun Laws Are Deadly

Chicago officials were rocked by 7 hours of shootings that happened last night.

There are two things that are driving the homicide rate ever higher in Chicago and neither of them is politically correct. To start with, the thug “Ima’ get mine at any cost” culture that has infected hip-hop and then sold a lifestyle choice is one. Those who choose to live this way call it “the game.” Secondly, a refusal to accept the fact that an armed society is a much politer society is causing the killing to go unchecked since there is no one to shoot back, as President Trump said, “in the other direction.”

Proving this to be true is news from CBS 2 which shows that on Tuesday, the Windy City suffered homicide number 600. The victim was only one “among five people shot in a 7-hour span of gun violence on the South and West sides.” This is what happens when Democrats and anti-gun advocates get their way and only criminals have guns.

Three people were shot, “one fatally,” and it is said that someone began firing at them “a light-colored vehicle shortly after 4 p.m. in one incident last night. A twenty-five-year-old man was hit “multiple times” and lost his life at the scene.

In a shooting where the person living may wish that he had not survived at all, “a 32-year-old man was shot in the groin and buttocks.”This horror happened as “a 28-year-old man suffered a graze wound to the head” during the same night.

At this point, it is pretty safe to assume that disarming the law-abiding citizens so that criminals will magically stop killing is not working quite as the left had hoped.

As of this photo, 600 homicides has taken place in Chicago.

Common sense would have told them that it would not.

No one can expect to take the guns away from those prepared to defend themselves and expect criminals to not to take over the now easy target.

Sorrow grips the streets of the Windy City as their gun laws lead to even further death.

That is what criminals live for. We have been shown this since birth. It was one of the first lessons that we learned in kindergarten, right alongside, “don’t run with scissors.”

Until the left understands how wrong they are about self-defense, no one can allow them into office. Our very lives may depend on NOT doing so, as Chicago shows us.

Sources: CBS 2–The Conservative Daily Post

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