After UK Imposes Strict Gun Laws, Weapon Criminal Offense Increases 27 Percent

One of the examples Democrats point to when arguing for Sky News reported that British citizens are advised to hand over prohibited guns, which would include air weapons, rifles, BB weapons, shotguns, handguns, antiques and ex-military firearms.TRENDING: Exclusive: Lady Who Worked for Moore in Her Teenagers Shakes Left’s Narrative

While obedient people hand over their arms, the bad guys do not.When people turn over their guns, they are handing over their safety and security as well as their right to safeguard themselves.Assistant Chief Constable and National Authorities Chiefs’Council firearms lead Helen McMillan said people do not need to offer their names or addresses, including that the objective of the amnesty is to prevent unsafe situations.”Each gun we retrieve has the prospective to save a life, so do the ideal thing

and surrender your weapon,” she said.”Illegal ownership of a firearm can lead to a 5 year jail sentence.

If you are condemned of belongings with intent to supply, it might result in a life sentence,”Sky News reported.The U.K. has done this example before, and it doesn’t appear to have worked.Making handguns prohibited likewise hasn’t helped reduce criminal activity in the U.K.So what makes the federal government think this brand-new sweep of weapons will make people safer?RELATED: Women’s March Offers Trainees

“Toolkits”to Be Much better “Geared Up”Feminists The unfortunate truth is that it probably won’t. The 27 percent increase in crime shows that confiscating weapons does not make people more secure. The fact from the Office for National Statistics appears to

suggest that it increases crime.Democrats constantly like to point to the U.K.’s weapon laws whenever a mass shooting takes location in the United States, suggesting that if less weapons were in the hands of honest Americans, there would be less crime.But they are incorrect, as normal.

They are pressing a false and unsafe story, and we can not let them get away with it.H/ T Bearing Arms Please like and share this story on Twitter and facebook to spread the word about how taking guns far from obedient citizens does not decrease crime.What do you think of the U.K.’s criminal activity rate?Scroll down to comment listed below!

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