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STIFORP are offering this fantastic BONUS at the moment. If you are a 3 Star or above ranked member you can earn a share in 1% of the total company’s revenue for the entire year, from January 1st 2013 to December 31st 2013. This revenue commenced accumulating on January 1st this year. if you become a paid member and sign up just 3 people at any level by August 31st 2013 as a paid member of Stiforp and you will also maximize your earnings right out of the gate.

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Become a part of the hottest home based business opportunity available on the internet today! We want you to know that we at STIFORP are 100% committed to YOUR success. You shall have access to all of these tools and resources that the TOP LEADERS in the industry have to maximize your results and achieve massive success!

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You are In Control!

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